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We are a coalition of people from different parts of the world, who are figuring out how to solve the riddles of humankind... and beyond!

The Universal Conclave vzw was founded in August 2016 by Mr. Hastings, Mr. Pannemans, and Mr. Delil. It is an officially registered Non-Profit Organization under Belgian juristiction which looks forward to growing internationally.

We aim to do all of the above listed items, and more. The Universal Conclave was formed so that a multitude of creative minds could have a solid platform on which to work.
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Collecting data about our world and universe could not be more important now.
However, if we don't have certain guidelines, the links could pile up with spam!

That's why we trust YOU to live up to the spirit of THE SUPER HERO SYSTEM, so that this platform maintains its credibility!
Any links or comments that are found unacceptable by our Council Members or Sage moderators will be quickly removed from the Source. We are lenient, but when we are required to act, we will use the following guidelines:
If your link or comment is found to cause damage, we will do what we can to inform you of our decision to remove your content, and provide you with the correct information related to your post. We believe that speculation is necessary for open debate, so even if you are unsure of your post, you will not be punished for posting a link or comment that is plausible or debatable.
At The Universal Conclave, we maintain our stance that we will not show you ads for anything except for The UC itself, so please, do not use this platform for marketing!
Repeated offenses, including hate-speech or spam, will be punished by:
Resetting the user's Super Hero System level to Level 1, and the loss of all experience points and badges that have been gained.
If the offenses continue, this could result in the removal of the account, and a permanent ban from The Universal Conclave login system.
Posting a link to ANY website or file that could be damaging to the hardware or software of The Universal Conclave system, or the systems of its users, will result in an IMMEDIATE ban!
We would like to believe that the people who use this system are responsible enough to not let it come to this.
If you are seeing this, you probably have already created a profile, and have already accepted our policies, visible on the UC Legal Page.
Together, we will find the answers to the most pressing questions of mankind, and beyond!

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Daniel "Z" Hastings

Co-Chairman and Author

Jimmy "Jim" Geldof

Graphic Design Manager

Kevin "Nos" Delil

Co-Chairman and Tinkerer